Tony Violence - Live at Nick's in the 90s

by Tony Violence

Five by Five 02:13
Party of One 04:02
Good Fella 02:01
Day Pass 03:13
Goth Girl 02:56


This is a "bootleg" handheld cassette recording of solo Tony Violence gig performed Upstairs at Nicks on 9/2/1999 for the Philadelphi Anti-SingerSongwriter festival. Apparently that was a Thursday night.

This recording captures what shows were like back then with the minimal audience of other musicans, a few random drunks, and a little of my onstage banter and nonsense between songs including a completely innappropriate cover tune for good measure. The performance is fast/rushed because there was a full biil of singers but I dig out some of my more popular tunes "Goth Girl", "Drunken Forgetful Whore" as well as some "deep cuts" so I figured this was a nice set to share. I'm pretty such I can hear Virgil Avery (aka Adam Bomb who also performed shouting my name in the begining as well as lots of chater from Wayne and friends as we all watched each other's sets. Ah, youth.

I am playing a fancy Chester pawn shop Ovation acoustic guitar into a 1970s Fender Princeton Reverb tube amp or no reason whatsoever and adding effects pedals to boot. I've EQ'd and remastered this to get it as good as it's going to be. I suppose the rest is up to you.

Formal versions of these songs may yet exist but for now I'm releasing this because although I have been playing Tony Violence shows for over 25 years I have never intentionally recorded *any* of the 30+ songs that I've written. Folks have asked for Goth Girl or others and. well, here they almost are.

Light up a clove cigarette, close your eyes, spill some yuegling porter on your shoes and you can almost feel what it was like to be there too late on a school night before you drunkenly stumble down to the Khyber and pray for a cab to rescue you to polish off the night before doing something or sopmeone you still regret to this day.

DT- July 2020

Songs (such as they are):

1. Five by Five - Intially intend to be a Rap tune it turned more Country and then whatever it is here. Juvenile but do you have ANY idea how long it took be to make those couplets?

2. Party of One - One of the first songs I wrote in my apt on Pine st and played at Bob and Barbara's. It probably speaks for itself. Note the cultrual references to a VCR and William Hurt as a current hottie in the 1990s.

3. Little Ass Action/ 3 in 3 - My usualy opener, I guess I threw it here and made a medley with a comparable Wacka-Wacka auto filtered Overdrive Date Master tune

4. Untouchable Face - I used to do a "pissed off woman medley" of covers of break up songs by female artists all of whom were 1/2 my size and infinitely more my talent. Others who appeared in this occasionally were Sinead O'Conner, PJ Harvey, and, well, I can't even remember.

5. Good Fella - a Tony V special, dedicated to show shine boys everywherre

6. - 7. Intro and The Super Model Song - Sometimes you say all you need to in a minute. Know what I mean?

8. The Ibanez was Sold Without me - To the one that got away from Chris Dipinto's original music store on Market St. There's a chance it's also about something or some one a lot deeper. You're on your own from here.

9. Day Pass - I tried to write an upbeat relationship song. This is what happened.

10. The Price of Truth - Based on text from a copy of a 1970s Overdrive trucking magazine. And some questionable life choices Wayne and I made.

11. Goth Girl - I saw her at the coffee shop at Third near South St. wearing all black on a sunny 90 degree day. I went home and the rest is herstory.

12. The Drunken Forgetful Whore - A real friend and a true story.


released July 19, 2020

David Talento (as Tony Violence)




David Talento Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Talento is a Musician and Artist who has been recording and performing live since the early 1990s.

His discography ranges from ambient music to power electro-noise, industrial blues, hand held and 8bit performances, and more. On occasion he becomes Cabaret/Bluesman Tony Violence as well.

He is the founder of

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