Inside Out (1997)

by Altruistic Suicide

Fall 02:55
Numb 03:38
Night Nurse 05:14
Let Me Out 03:03
DSM III 05:17


Final swan song full length release by the "industrial/blues" band Altruistic Suicide. AS was my first main solo band "rock" band. I wrote the songs and all the parts and usually played all the instruments live to multi-track over and over until I got it right. We didn't have computers and looping back then so the bass is a bass guitar and the synth lines do changes slightly over the course of the song. I'll leave it to the listened to decide if that's a good thing or not.

Live Altruistic Suicide was a loud sweaty rock band with Bass, Guitar, and a station of synthesizers all played live with one drum machine and no sequencing. It was always a trio but I believe there were at least 10-12 people in "the band" over the years when I did gigs. That constant rotation is probably one of the reasons I abandoned "rock" and went full force into solo projects or collaborations.

This release covers pretty much all the styles I was dabbling in back then and includes a few tracks that appeared on various "Industrial" compilations and garnered indie label interest. As always I could never stay within a single genre which was both my artistic pleasure and my commercial failure. Folks either wanted all the loud stuff or all the "weird" stuff or they wanted "songs" with lyrics and vocals or only instrumental noise. Here you have some indie rock, Industrial metal, Blues with machines, beat poetry, noise collage, and, ahem, pretty piano stuff. No one wanted it all and, as today, I couldn't color between the lines so I released it myself and it died a typical small cult death.

If I were to pick a favorite track of mine it would probably be the instrumental opener "Inside Out". As far as I'm concerned that captures everything I ever wanted to do in Altruistic Suicide.

Inside Out was only released as a cassette tape even though I had it pressed up as a CD master. It was recorded in my apartment on a Tascam 238 8track cassette recorder (look it up gear hounds!) and I had some fantastic people who helped me mix and master it. This is the first time it is available in it's original "hifi" complete form. Enjoy.

DT - May 2012


released May 1, 1997

David Talento (as Altruistic Suicide)


all rights reserved



David Talento Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Talento is a Musician and Artist who has been recording and performing live since the early 1990s.

His discography ranges from ambient music to power electro-noise, industrial blues, hand held and 8bit performances, and more. On occasion he becomes Cabaret/Bluesman Tony Violence as well.

He is the founder of

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