Music to Confuse Dancers

by David Talento

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Klang Kling 05:11
PawnDub 05:41
Night Nurse 05:19
L.I.F.E. #5 02:26


This release is a compilation I put together of my electronic music in various projects which i distributed to dance companies and performers to encourge movement base collaboration.

In the early 2000s a number of these pieces were used by Rebecca Sloan of the Bald Mermaids dance troupe for her solo Fringe Festival performance. Many of these were also performed live or appeared on various other labels and CDs while some have never been released individually. All material is collected here for the first time. Enjoy - DT Phila 2020

Compositions and Descriptions:

1. Klang Kling - A mechanical piece that purposely uses machine like
sounds in a mathematical formula. This was recorded in a live performance where I added other elements to flesh out the basic pings and bells.

2. SHHHOl -Simple live ambient improvisation from the Foundation live Music series

3. The Light of Darkness - Studio Wizardry. Showcases a more
"dramatic" element where I used samples to create a narrative that meshed with the music and vice versa. Early 1990s track which appeared on the Electronic music Project CD#1 compilation

4. The Last Dream - A more traditional piano based composition. originally appeared on the altruistic Suicide album InsideOut

5. Slowaway - Another live ambient piece peformed at the Gateway to Moonbase Alpha electronic music series at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia

6. Pawndub- Playful and rhythmic. Uses one $15 pawn shop casio toy keyboard, a crappy 4track cassette recorder, and a single delay pedal.

7. Night Nurse- Am "impressionistic" and more evocative piece. this is thge original studio release. This piece was eventually performed at Chirst's Church. Phila Pa with David E Williams as part of the Fringe Festival "Fresh Ears, New Hearing" Composer's Series.

8. L.I.F.E. # 5 -Live improvisations with the Little Infinite Frequency
Expander instrument. originally appeared on the L.I.F.E. CD.

9. 9. MFIT Big Mess Track 6 - Concert recording. One person, 100%
Live. Showcases improvisational skill using multiple electronic instruments. performed at the upstairs balcony stage of Phila Trocadero following the Big Mess Orchestra's annual show in the late 90s or early 2000s. Special note to the abuse of a spoken word cassette by Brother JT.

10. Skipping it Old School - Live concert performance from 1990s or early 2000s. Different instruments, same solo type performance as other tracks on this album

11. Just Give Up and Marry the Boss's Daughter- Sometimes even Experimental Avant Garde Musicians (tm) need to lighten up. Originally Appeared on 1990s Looper's Delight CD #1.

Credits: David Talento- All composition, mixing, beats and live programming,synths, samplers, loops, guitar, bass, processing, and the theremin.


released July 14, 2020

David Talento- All composition, mixing, beats and live programming,synths, samplers, loops, guitar, bass, processing, and the theremin.




David Talento Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Talento is a Musician and Artist who has been recording and performing live since the early 1990s.

His discography ranges from ambient music to power electro-noise, industrial blues, hand held and 8bit performances, and more. On occasion he becomes Cabaret/Bluesman Tony Violence as well.

He is the founder of

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