EnoRdMoANi (New MFIT 2015)

by Music For Isolation Tanks



First track from the new Music For isolation Tanks soon to be released full length ambient album "Return to Exile"

Return to Exile is the new full length studio ambient album by Music For Isolation Tanks. This release includes material spanning almost ten years yet forms a cohesive statement of the nature of MFIT today. Instruments include everything you can possibly imagine from modular and analog synthesizers to Ipad Apps and VSTs. One track (Slowaway) is taken from a live MFIT set in the early 2000s while others were completed in 2015.

This album explores my love for making sounds with synthesizers and as such I see this as a continuation of what I started with MFIT in 1992. Some of the instruments and technology have changed but the joyful experience of exploring textures, melody, and rhythm have not.

All new, this music draws on much of the past including the very first full length cassette, Exile: davidtalento.bandcamp.com/album/exile-1994.


released September 27, 2014
David Talento (as Music For Isolation Tanks)




David Talento Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Talento is an experimental Musician and Artist who has been recording and performing live for over 20 years.

His discography ranges from ambient music to power electro-noise, industrial blues, hand held and 8bit performances, and more.

He is the founder of DAEDSound.com

A full bio can be found at:
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